Shrimp Aquaculture Landscape (2018)


CEA Consulting

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CEA Consulting. 2018. "Shrimp Aquaculture Landscape"


This report provides detailed responses on the following topics: (1) Production: document global production trends by geography over the past 20 years including countries of origin, intensity of production, key markets, key differences in production systems, and their impacts and other issues (2) Value Chain: Lay out/revisit the value chain from production to local and global markets. How does shrimp move from the producer in 5 key production geographies to the consumer in 5 key consumption markets? (3) Financing: What types of finance, in what form support production? How do they differ by type of system, and what types of purchases are most common at each transaction? CEA conducted 27 interviews and a detailed literature review over the course of 6 weeks.

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