Photo credits

  • About: Plastic marine pollution: aryfahmed/
  • Events: Sharks: cbpix/
  • Funding: Waves: irabell/iStock
  • Threats: Glaciers and icebergs: virythtpehjljd89/; Flood: fivepointsix/; Twisted net: mgokalp/iStock; Runoff: Tamara Caldwell/iStock; Bleached coral: The Ocean Agency / XL Catlin Seaview Survey; Oil spill: ufokim/iStock. Oil slick in marsh: Phototreat/iStock; Storm destruction: Robin Zeigler/iStock; Fluorescing and bleached reef: The Ocean Agency / Ocean Image Bank
  • Solutions: Seagrass: Daisuke Kurashima/iStock; Turbines: aerovista luchtfotografie/iStock; Fishers aerial: quangpraha/iStock; Beach cleanup: doble-d/iStock; Healthy coral: Erik Lukas/Coral Reef Image Bank; Fish farm with floating cages: wabeno/