Implementing the source-to-sea approach: A guide for practitioners


Ruth E. Mathews, Anna Tengberg, Johanna Sjödi, and Birgitta Liss Lymer

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Mathews, R. E., Tengberg, A., Sjödin, J., & Liss-Lymer, B. "Implementing the source-to-sea approach: A guide for practitioners." SIWI, Stockholm, 2019.


Only quite recently have we come to truly understand the many important linkages between land, freshwater and oceans. Generally, terrestrial, freshwater and marine specialists have tended to work independently from one another, with limited interaction. But with new insights into the complex relationship between different ecosystems – on land and in rivers, deltas, estuaries, nearshore and in oceans – comes a growing realization that a more holistic approach is needed. This guide describes the source-to-sea approach and its contribution to addressing key challenges for sustainable development. It takes practitioners through a six-step process for implementing the source-to-sea approach in projects and programs.

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