IPBES-IPCC co-sponsored workshop report on biodiversity and climate change



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Pörtner, H.O., Scholes, R.J., Agard, J., Archer, E., Arneth, A., Bai, X., Barnes, D., Burrows, M., Chan, L., Cheung, W.L., Diamond, S., Donatti, C., Duarte, C., Eisenhauer, N., Foden, W., Gasalla, M. A., Handa, C., Hickler, T., Hoegh-Guldberg, O., Ichii, K., Jacob, U., Insarov, G., Kiessling, W., Leadley, P., Leemans, R., Levin, L., Lim, M., Maharaj, S., Managi, S., Marquet, P. A., McElwee, P., Midgley, G., Oberdorff, T., Obura, D., Osman, E., Pandit, R., Pascual, U., Pires, A. P. F., Popp, A., Reyes- García, V., Sankaran, M., Settele, J., Shin, Y. J., Sintayehu, D. W., Smith, P., Steiner, N., Strassburg, B., Sukumar, R., Trisos, C., Val, A.L., Wu, J., Aldrian, E., Parmesan, C., Pichs-Madruga, R., Roberts, D.C., Rogers, A.D., Díaz, S., Fischer, M., Hashimoto, S., Lavorel, S., Wu, N., Ngo, H.T. 2021. IPBES-IPCC co-sponsored workshop report on biodiversity and climate change; IPBES and IPCC. DOI:10.5281/zenodo.4782538.


In the light of the urgency of bringing biodiversity to the forefront of discussions regarding land- and ocean-based climate mitigation and adaptation strategies, this IPCC and IPBES co-sponsored workshop addresses synergies and trade-offs between biodiversity protection and climate change mitigation and adaptation. This includes exploring the impact of climate change on biodiversity, the capacity and limits to the capacity of species to adapt to climate change, the resilience of ecosystems under climate change considering thresholds to irreversible change, and the contribution of ecosystems to climate feedbacks and mitigation, against the background of an ongoing loss in the biomass of biota and associated risks to key species and biodiversity as well as ecosystem services (nature’s contribution to people). The workshop report will provide information relevant to the implementation of the Paris Agreement, the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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