The IUU Fishing Index, 2019


Macfadyen, G., Hosch, G., Kaysser, N. and Tagziria, L.

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Macfadyen, G., Hosch, G., Kaysser, N. and Tagziria, L., 2019. The IUU Fishing Index, 2019. Poseidon Aquatic Resource Management Limited and the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime.


For all 152 coastal countries of the world, a score is calculated based on a suite of 40 indicators. These relate to the prevalence of IUU fishing in each country, and their vulnerability and response to it, drawing on various coastal, flag, port, and other state responsibilities. The scores do not indicate a measure of the volume or value of the IUU fish catch, but they do indicate a standardized measure of performance related to the 40 indicators included in the Index. The Index therefore provides a measure of the degree to which states are exposed to and effectively combat IUU fishing.

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