High Seas Treaty Negotiations


August 15, 2022

–August 26, 2022


New York City, New York


The final stages of negotiations to create the first generation of high seas MPAs are underway. After years of working vigorously to progress discussions surrounding the need for a new international legally-binding treaty to protect marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ), world governments are now engaged in the conclusive stages of the negotiations at the United Nations. While delegates and regional groups secured significant progress during IGC4, an additional negotiating session (IGC5) has been scheduled to address remaining gaps and sticking points. Scheduled to take place during 15-26 August, many regional groups and countries are maintaining the pathway to conclude the negotiations in 2022. In addition, many States including the 47 Heads of State of the BBNJ “High Ambition Coalition” (HAC), have committed to the goal of concluding the negotiations in 2022.

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