World Aquaculture Conference

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May 29, 2023

–June 1, 2023


Darwin, Australia


Aquaculture—the farming of aquatic animal and plant species—now produces more than half of the world’s seafood and is the fastest-growing food sector. This annual conference brings together thousands of participants from across the aquaculture space, from scientists and technologists to industry executives, to discuss innovation and challenges. In addition to technical and business-oriented discussions, sessions will cover conservation topics such as Environmental Issues and Management, Escapees (the unintended release of farm stock into the wild), Disease Diagnosis and Management, Blue Economy: Offshore and Renewables, and Women in Aquaculture. This year’s conference also includes a session on Regenerative Aquaculture, a growing area of blue food production that has the potential to restore and enhance marine ecosystems, such as by providing habitat for local species.

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