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Our most effective buffer against climate change, the ocean is the Earth’s largest heat and carbon sink. While the changing climate is considered the biggest and fastest growing threat to ocean health, the ocean also holds unmatched and often overlooked potential for solving the climate crisis. Peer-reviewed research suggests that the ocean could provide 21 percent of emissions reductions required by 2050 to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The marine conservation community has an important role to play in advancing the dialogue and accelerating action on ocean-climate solutions. To be sure, addressing the climate crisis will require a diverse portfolio of land and marine-based interventions. While the ocean is not the answer to climate change, it is an essential source of solutions that merits increased recognition in policy, philanthropy, and practice. The threefold crises across climate change, biodiversity loss, and declining ocean health require an integrated response to restore a healthy ocean that supports thriving ecosystems and human communities around the world.

Fortunately, we have the necessary solutions at hand to support a transformative and equitable transition to decarbonization. During this decisive decade for action, we face an imperative to drastically curb emissions, advance sound ocean and climate policies, and safeguard coastal communities to build a vibrant future for our ocean and all life on our blue planet.

This Deeper Dive on Ocean-Climate Solutions features interviews with policy experts to map near-term opportunities at the federal and international levels. Additionally, this toolkit includes primers and explainers to equip philanthropy, practitioners, and decisionmakers with the necessary information and tools to take a leading role in advancing ocean-climate solutions in the coming years.

Learn more about the portfolio of ocean-climate interventions as well as opportunities for action.

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This Deeper Dive features interviews with leading experts on opportunities for ocean-climate action as well as primers for philanthropy and civil society to identify pathways for action based on ocean-based mitigation, sequestration, and adaptation approaches.

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