Global Ocean Trends: Reflections from CEA Consulting


CEA Consulting

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CEA Consulting. 2019. "Global Ocean Trends: Reflections from CEA Consulting." Prepared for The David and Lucile Packard Foundation.


The Packard Foundation commissioned CEA Consulting to prepare this presentation on high-level changes in the state of the ocean and the practice of marine philanthropy over the past five years (2015-2019). The primary questions addressed here include: 1) What are emerging trends in the state of ocean conservation and within the field of marine philanthropy?; 2) What is the state of changes on the water, from threats to the ocean to the status of biodiversity protection efforts?; 3) How has the landscape of marine funding evolved in recent years?; 4) Within the institutional and political landscape, what are notable changes with relation to ocean well-being? The findings in this research deck represent synthesis from external studies and CEA’s interpretation of recent trends in the field. CEA is responsible for any errors or omissions.

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